Tulane Account Password Management

Important Reminder

Never share:

  • Your Tulane Password 
  • Your Tulane Student ID 
  • Your Social Security Number



Your Tulane account, also referred to as your NetID, provides access to important Tulane electronic resources. This website is used to manage your Tulane NetID password.


Select the image below to manage your Tulane NetID password:

    Need Help?


    Self-Service Support Portal


    (504) 988-8888




    Change Password

    You know your current Tulane password and would like to change it.

    If this is the first time logging into your Tulane account, use the initial password from your new account notification email as your old password.


    Forgot Password

    If you forgot your current password or it is not working as expected, you can perform a Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR). This process will authenticate you via your personal email address or mobile phone number. After this authentication, you will be able to change your password. 

    In order to use SSPR, you will need to have enrolled prior to attempting to utilize the service. If you forgot your password and have not enrolled, please contact the Service Desk at 504-988-8888, email help@tulane.edu, or visit support.tulane.edu and a specialist will contact you shortly.


    Enroll in SSPR

    Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will allow you to authenticate using your personal email address or mobile phone number, and then change your password. In order to use this service, you will need to configure your personal email address and mobile phone number in advance. Click the link below to configure your SSPR information.




      Information Technology will never under any circumstances request your password via email or non-Tulane website.

      Any messages you receive that ask you for this information or direct you to a non-Tulane website that request this information should be ignored and deleted.